Welcome to Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

.Welcome to the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology.
The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology is home to faculty on the cutting edge of teaching and research and students who bring fresh perspectives to the Medical Laboratory Science and the classroom. Their collective discoveries are the foundation for the next generation of technological advances in diagnosis, from developing to exploring new areas of laboratory medicine and using molecular techniques as scaffolding for technology on the molecular scale in the diagnosis of human diseases.
Our focus is to provide our students with a world-class education and hands-on experience through research, internships, and student club activities. The success of our undergraduate programme is guided by our distinguished faculty, who continue to set the standard for excellence in their fields of expertise. Our students and faculty have been outstanding in achieving international recognition through the winning of prestigious international awards and scholarships.
We are inventors, authors, researchers, and industrialists, all focused on training the next generation to work smart and dream big.
Thank you for keeping in touch with us through the website.I encourage you to continue to do so.We would especially welcome an opportunity to learn how you can be part of our mission and vision to innovate, pioneer and engage the world.
For all the great things to come, small and large, let me thank you for all that you do with and for the people that matter to you, your community, the Department of Medial Laboratory Technology, the School of Allied Health Sciences, the College of Health and Allied Sciences, the University of Cape Coast and society as a whole.
Best wishes,
Samuel Essien-Baidoo (PhD)
HOD and Snr. Lecturer


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized center committed to scholarly and professional excellence in Medical Laboratory Sciences.


To provide quality Medical Laboratory Science education and training through creation, presentation, integration, transmission and utilization of health knowledge.




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